DATE OF BIRTH :1 November 1942


LANGUAGES: Danish (mother tongue),English (excellent ),German (excellent),French (good ).

ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS: Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen, 1970,M.Sc. in Agriculture/Economics. University of Rostock, course in agricultural economy,1967.I.N.R.A., Paris, study in french agrobusiness as related to EEC, 1969.


REPORTS AND PUBLICATIONS : Annual reports of agricultural credit, 1971-76."Cash loan to agriculture, advantages and disadvantages", Copenhagen 1975. "Investment in L-bonds", Copenhagen 1976. Several reports on development projects overseas and EEC funded research projects,1977 to present.



FROM 1987 TO 2001: Krüger A/S, Denmark.

POSITION : Project Manager.

PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY:Sale, EU-RTD project administration and development of environmental and energy technologies.DK and abroad.

FROM 1981 TO 1986

EMPLOYER : COWIconsult, Consulting Engineers and Planners, Denmark.

POSITION : Organisation and management adviser.

PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY: Advising on the preparation of tenders for overseas, assigned to specific projects overseas and Europe.

FROM 1978 TO 1981

EMPLOYER : DANIDA ( Danish International Development Agency), Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

POSITION : Consultant in agriculture and finance

PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY: Monitoring of agroindustrial projects. Undertook a number of missions for DANIDA, also in cooperation with FAO and SIDA, assessing and evaluating agroindustrial projects in Africa and India. Advisory work during project prolongation.

FROM 1971 TO 1978

EMPLOYER : Mortgage Credit Fund of Danish Agriculture

POSITION : Assistant Secretary

PROFESSIONALRESPONSIBILITY: Financial analysises of farm accounts prior to investments. Approval of loans to the farming industry.

FROM 1970 TO 1971

EMPLOYER : Agricultural Council, Division of Trade Policy, Copenhagen.

POSITION : Secretary

PROFESSIONALRESPONSIBILITY: Main duty in agricultural fairs abroad, esp.Germany, where the Council coordinated the sales promotion from attached agrobusiness companies.


Krüger AS, 1987-2001

1987 - 89 : Sale of projects and engineering to large-scale biogas plants with CHP generation in the municipalities of Give,Tjele and Videbaek.

1988 : CEC tender for dairy development in China. 4,5 mio. ECU. Assiut National Co. for Food Security, Egypt. Irrigation project in cooperation with IFU, Egyptian banks and government authoritatives.

1990 - 2001 : Sale of projects and engineering to biogas/sewage plants with CHP generation, Germany and EU wide.

1989 - : Administration of EU funding for projects under the CEU programmes JOULE, VALUE, AIR, ALTENER, THERMIE and 5th Framework Programme (Energy). Several contracts with partners from Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, UK, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal – see List of References.

1995 - : EC, DGI, TACIS programme. Evaluation of environmental engineering (incl.biogas) to Russia. Sovchoz "Panskoy", Smolensk, in cooperation with the Oblast administration of Smolensk.

COWIconsult, Consulting Engineers and Planners, 1981 - 1986

1982 - 83 : Complejo Agricola SA/Las Lomas, Andalucia, Spain.(Client : United International Plantation and Finance Ltd., London). Technical/financial survey of the agrobusiness firm and its present operations. Assessments of investments to 50 mio. USD.

1983 - 85 : Somalia and Kenya. (Client : World Bank, Washington). Thorough input and services survey as related to the livestock sector and the farming industry. New managerial and organisational set-up for input and services supply covering both the livestock sector and agriculture, 7 mio. USD.

DANIDA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1978 - 1981

1978 - 80 : Upper Volta (Burkina Faso), French West Africa. TF/UPV/17 (DEN), Equipement de traction animale. Operation of a local industry to manufacture a standardised range of animal equipment at minimum cost with the purpose to enlarge and improve the use of animal draught cultivation. Costs of inv. 3 mio.USD.

1980 - 81 : India, Bihar. Assistance scheme to small-scale farmers in obtaining medium and short term loans from financing institutions, primarily as crop loans and to recovery of overdrafts. Costs: 9 mio. DKK.

1980 - 81 : Moçambique, South-east Africa. The Nordic Assistance Projects MONAP I and MONAP II. Costs of MONAP I, 100 mio. USD. In charge of a large-scale dairy project around Maputo and the development of animal draught cultivation in small-scale farming, including finance and launching of new credit facilities corresponding the purpose.

Mortgage Credit Fund of Danish Agriculture, 1971 - 76.

1974 - 77 : Undertook beside the ongoing financial operations in the farming industry specific schemes for investments and state subsidies to the horticultural sector. Secretarial functions for CICA - Confederation Internationale de Credit Agricole, Bruxelles.

Agricultural Council, Division of Trade Policy, 1970 - 71.

1970 - 71 : Coordinator of the agrobusiness sales promotion at the Leipziger Fair, East Germany. Trade agreements with the East European countries.


1971 & 1978, Brussels, "Finance and credit policies in European agriculture".

1987 & 1989, DK, DIF courses in environmental engineering.

1991, INRA, Bordeaux, France, course in plant nutrient balances and slurry treatment.

1993, EU, Angers, France, course in environmental engineering for industrialised animal husbandry, treatment of slurry.

1989 – 99 Participation as invited speaker to international CEU funded conferences within biomass energy and environmental engineering in Germany, Italy, Spain and Greece.

1999 – 2001 Evaluation of RTD proposals for EU in Brussels and member of Assessment Panel, DGXII, for INCO projects, EU and world wide, specifically attached to the INCO “COPERNICUS” part embracing Russia and the new independent states (NIS) in Eastern Europe – see List of References.

2002 - 2012: Aufsichtsrat (Board member) in the German company SEABORNE EPM Engineering & Project management AG.