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Overview of experiences:

1970:        Copenhagen, DK, Master of Science in agriculture, politics and economy.

1970 to 1978: Appointments with major national financial institutions of mortgage credit. Account analyses, valuation of property and decision in loan cases.

1978 to 1987: Appointments with international institutions, governmental as private, in technological assistance to development projects in Africa and India.

1987 to 2000: Major appointment with KRÜGER A/S in project management of RTD work related to bio-energy.

 2000 to 2001: Minor appointment over 1.5 year with KRÜGER A/S in project management to finalise ongoing RTD contracts within bio-energy.

From 2001 : Full-time independent consultant


Bio-energy and economy have been emphasising themes in above appointments. Project management and co-ordination have been performed since 1987 in EU funded RTD work under the programmes THERMIE, JOULE, AIR, ALTENER, VALUE and INNOVATION plus the ENERGY part of 5th FRAMEWORK programme from 1999, as detailed below:

References in work for the European Commission:

Directorate General XVII:

Contract no. 380/87,  "Ribe Biogas Plant". Coordinator. Completed1990.

Contract no. 7060/90(c)45, "Energy production through anaerobic digestion". Coordinator. Completed 1992.

Contract no. 7030/E/90-6D, "Determination of the most favourable European Regions for the energy use of animal waste".  Coordinator. Completed 1993.

Contract no. 4.1000/E/91(c)22, "Technology of centralised digestion of animal

manure". Coordinator. Completed 1993.

Contract THERMIE-BM 77/94, "Grindsted Municipality Wastewater Treatment Plant - codigestion of sludge and MSW". Coordinator, in cooperation abroad with Intercommunale de Propreté Publique (IPALLE),BE.  Completed 1997.

Contract ALTENER/158/95, "Energy neutral sewage plant with simultaneous emission reduction and energy gaining under application of innovative procedures". Contractor, under coordination of SEABORNE G.m.b.H., DE. Completed 1997.


Directorate General XII:

 JOULE – programme

Contract JOUB-0029, "Biomass energy and organic fertilisers within the Whole Crop Bio-Refinery Concept". Coordinator, in cooperation with AGROTECKG.m.b.H., DE and HYPERION ENERGY SYSTEMS Ltd.,IE. Completed 1991.

Contract JOUB-0066, "Assessment study on organic fertilisers".Contractor and administrative coordinator, under scientific coordination from Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique(INRA),Bordeaux, FR and with participants from GB, IT,ES + Brazil. Completed 1991.

Contract JOUB-0036 ext., "Coordinated R & D activity in the sector of biomass production - sweet sorghum network". Subcontractor to INRA, Thiverval-Grignon, FR and with other participants from IT, ES, GB and DE. Completed 1993.

Contract JOUB-92-8011, "Organic fertiliser study - production of organic fertilisers for intensive crops. Coordinator, in cooperation with Dr. Vesterager Entwicklung und

Umweltforschung, DE. Completed 1993.

Contract JOR3-CT97-1025, Joule/CRAFT Exploratory Award.Vacuum steam jet ejector refrigeration related to biogas/CHP. In cooperation with Schreiber A/S and Biogasanlage Barth GmbH. Completed 1998.

Contract JOR3-CT98-0264, Joule Programme,"Holistic integration of Renewable energy". Under coordination from PROFACTOR GmbH,AT, with co-contractors from DE, IE and 2 other AT.1998-2001. Completed 200.

Contract JOR3-CT98-7007,Joule/CRAFT (Cooperative Research),"Refrigeration by a vacuum steam jet ejector system utilising low temperature heat from biogas CHP generation".Coordinator and prime RTD Performer. In cooperation with 1 DK SME company, 5 DE SME companies and 1 AT SME company.1998 - 2001. Completed 2001.

Contract IEAO-CT2000-00008, “Annual monitoring of the EU RTD Framework Programmes – Impact Assessment of FP4, International Scientific Co-operation INCO-1”. Panel member, ongoing during 2001 and completed by the end of the year.

Report published in 2003 – EUR 20452.

5th RTD FRAMEWORK Programme “ Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development.

Contract ERK5-CT1999-00007, “ Holistic integration of Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell technology towards a most effective systems compound using biogas as a renewable source of energy “. Subcontractor to Seaborne GmbH, DE, under coordination from PROFACTOR GmbH, AT. Completed 2004.

Contract NNE5-2001-00067,  “Advanced prediction, monitoring and controlling of anaerobic digestion processes behaviour towards biogas usage in fuel cells”.

Subcontracting German and Danish contractors. Completed 2005.

AIR programme

Contract AIR1 - 92 - 8011, "Soil fertility and cultivation of energy crops". Contractor, under coordination from CPL Scientific Ltd., GB and in cooperation with the University of  Udine, IT. Completed 1993.

Contract AIR1 CT 92-0041, "Compost and anaerobic digestion within the European Network on Sweet Sorghum".Contractor and subcoordinator for participants from IT, ES and a subcontractor from DE.  Main coordination from INRA, Thiverval-Grignon,FR and with participants also from GR, IE, PT and BE. Completed 1998.



Directorate General XIII:

VALUE - programme

Contract B6-7110 TE-001/91-DK, "Chemical separation process to slurry from animal husbandry and industrial organic waste, producing a dry organic fertiliser of high value and water to sewer". Coordinator, in cooperation with the other contractors Dr.Vesterager Entwicklung und Umweltforschung, DE,  Wirtschaftsförderkreis Harlingerland e.V.,DE and Biogas AnlageWittmundG.m.b.H. Completed 1993.

Innovation Programme

Contract IN20720D, definition phase about the RoHM process to removal of heavy metals in sewage sludge by means of hydrogen sulphide from biogas up-grading.  Under coordination from Seaborne GmbH and in cooperation with the municipality of Lohe-Förden,DE.Completed in 1998.


Directorate General XI:  

LIFE99 ENV/DK/000616, “Réduction des émissions de gaz contribuant á l'effet de serre et protection des eaux souterraines par incorporation d'une digestion anaéobie dans un systéme innovateur á épuration du biogaz. »

Coordinator with a German partner. LIFE99 project selected for funding autumn 1999. Finalised.


Beyond the previous listed longer lasting formal RTD contracts

short-term consulting have been provided to the European

Commission as follows:

March 1990, Perugia, Italy, "Integrated biomass schemes as related to the LEBEN concept".

June 1990, Brussels, Belgium, "Pre-feasibility of organic fertilisers to energy crops".

September, 1991, Angers, France, "Composting and compost quality assurance criteria".

March, 1993, Brussels, Belgium, "Energy crops in a logistic model".

May,1995, Bologna, Italy, "The science of composting".


Speeches have been given as invited speaker at conferences funded by the European Commission in Florence 1990,1991 & 1998, Athen 1991, Paris 1993 and Madrid 1994

May 1999 shortlisted as qualified expert for evaluation of proposals under the 5th Framework Programme - EE19981A03939.  Has in this capacity been appointed 1999-2001 to evaluation of RTD proposals for the European Commission under the contracts:






From 2002 to 2012:

Aufsichtsrat (Board member) in the German company SEABORNE EPM Engineering & Projectmanagement AG, subsidary company of Medea Holding GmbH, Mooshörner Weg, D – 24811 Owschlag.


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